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For Coaches

Skilled coaches are a vital resource for the association. The GLA encourages you to get involved with coaching at any level, whether in House League or Competitive levels.

The Canadian Lacrosse Association ( offers many coaching tips and is in the process of creating a coaching online program. The Ontario Lacrosse Association ( also offers excellent tips in team building and focusing on player development.

Coaching Materials

Coaching Books

There are a number of valuable coaching books on the market. However, be sure to distinguish between Box and Field lacrosse books. Box and Field lacrosse use very different strategies and approaches. As a general rule of thumb, Canadian books will address Box lacrosse and American books will refer to Field lacrosse.

Jim Hinkson is a Canadian author from Whitby, Ontario, one of the great Canadian lacrosse hotbeds. Hinkson’s books on lacrosse are a great start for anyone looking to understand the game.

Below is a short list of books that we can recommend:

Box Lacrosse

  • Lacrosse For Dummies, by Jim Hinkson
  • Lacrosse Fundamentals: Third Edition, by Jim Hinkson
  • Box Lacrosse: The Fastest Game on Two Feet, by Jim. Hinkson
  • Lacrosse Team Strategies, by Jim Hinkson
  • Lacrosse Fundamentals, by Jim Hinkson