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Release Requests

Release Requests


The Gloucester Lacrosse Association has a fundamental commitment to the growth and development of the game of lacrosse in Ottawa. The Association has a 'no release' policy for players residing within the Gloucester Lacrosse Association boundaries. However, in special circumstances as determined by the GLA executive, a release may be granted as long as it abides with the OLA and GLA Constitution.

Please note:

  • When a release is granted the caliber of the player shall not enter the decision (MR3.07).
  • Release requests cannot be submitted after May 1st of the current season (MR3.01).
  • The player requesting the release must be registered with the GLA prior to requesting the release and OLA approved for the current season prior to any participation (MR3.01).
  • NEW FOR 2017 - Any player who has not registered with their resident box association by the 3rd Sunday in March will be ineligable for a rep release (MR2.10)


The Player must first be registered (including payment) with GLA.  The Player or Parent/Guardian must complete section 1 of the Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) Release Request Form below and deliver it to the GLA President (Stephanie Pagan), with a copy also being sent to the Zone 5 Director (Greg Rampley).


GLA will respond within 72 hours to acknowledge receipt of the request and notify the player/guardian of the date & time of the release hearing.  Release requests will be reviewed following competitive tryouts.

The GLA has two options following the release hearing:

  1. Approve the release and provide the applicant with the approved release form.
  2. Deny the release request and complete section 2 of the Release Request Form with written reasons for denying the request, and provide the applicant with the information necessary to take the request to the Zone

If the release is denied by the GLA:

  • You can appeal your release to the Zone 5 Release Committee (there is an appeal fee).
  • If the request is again denied the request can be taken to the OLA Appeals Committee (there is another fee for this).
  • If the request is again denied, the player’ can either request a refund, or continue to play with his/her current association and try to resolve the differences that led to the request for a release.

If the release is granted at any point:

  • A refund will be given via the new SportzSoft online registration system less the admin fee.  The player must then re-register with the next closest club and deliver the signed two-page release form to the registrar of his/her new club as proof of release . The new club's registrar will record a comment in the online registration system indicating that confirmation of the release was received so that the Zone 5 registrar is aware.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

In the event a release is granted, the GLA Refund/Cancellation policy will apply (i.e. withdraw/refund registration will be subject to a $35 administration fee).  E-payment fees associated with online registrations are non-refundable.