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Regional Map

Regional Map

The Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) recognizes two associations in the capital region (Nepean and Gloucester) and has divided the city and surrounding area into two territories.

The northern boundary of the territory is the Ottawa River (although we do have some players come over from Gatineau).  The east-west boundary line runs from the Ottawa River, south along Preston St to Dow's Lake. At that point the boundary follows the Rideau River south-west to Roger Stevens Dr and then continues south down to Highway 43. Everything EAST of the boundary is Gloucester territory and everything west of the boundary is Nepean territory. The Gloucester territory extends as far east as Rockland and as far south as Highway 43.

Two special conditions:

  • Players living in the Manotick area bounded by Bridge St, Rideau Valley Dr, River Rd, and Roger Stevens Dr (at Snake Island Rd) can choose to play for either Nepean or Gloucester.
  • Communities along Highway #43 are consider in the “Neutral Zone” (Osgood – Winchester – Chesterville – Morrisburg) and should join the nearest association to their place of residence (either Gloucester/Nepean/Cornwall or Kemptville if the association were to restart).

Once players who fall under one of these special conditions have selected an association, they must continue to register with that association year after year.

For clarification if you are eligible to play in the GLA please contact the GLA Registrar.

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