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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for information on specific questions you have about the Association, lacrosse, or the program? A great place to start is the Player & Parents Guide produced by the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) to assist parents and players in understanding the sport of lacrosse.

The GLA has put together some answers for a number of frequently asked questions. If these do not answer your questions, or if you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.



What nights does each level play on?

For the 2019 season we anticipate House League playing on Monday and/or Wednesday with some practices also on the weekend. The Competitive teams will practice on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays with Zone Play and Tournaments on weekends. Our goal is to adhere to this schedule as much as possible. Inevitably there will be conflicts, and occasionally a game or practice may need to be changed.



What equipment do I need? Can I use hockey equipment?

Yes, you can use most of your hockey equipment. In addition to the hockey helmet, mouth guard, hockey gloves, hockey shoulder pads, and athletic support, you will need arm guards, which attach to the should pads, and kidney pads. For more information, please refer to the “Equipment” section on our website.



Can I use a Ringette face mask?

Provided each ringette helmet and face mask combination is CSA-certified (which is true of just about any hockey helmet> and/or ringette face mask made in the last 15 years), they are approved for use in box lacrosse.

The helmet/face mask must also meet the following three rules:

  1. Face mask must hinge away from the helmet.
  2. The chin cup must be worn on the chin.
  3. A chin strap must be worn, which is separate from the strap that connects to the chin cup.



Can I play in Gloucester?

The GLA boundaries are described here. Please contact our Registrar if you have any additional questions on player eligibility.



Which arenas do we play at?

The GLA territory covers a large geographic area.  As a result we use a number of different arenas.  Our core arenas are: Earl Armstrong, Leitrim, Blackburn, Navan, Brewer, Brian Kilrea.  At different times of the season, when floor time is tight, we will also use Bernard Grandmaitre, Metcalfe, Osgoode, and Rockland . 



What equipment does a Peanut/Paperweight player need?

Peanut aged players (turning 3 or 4 this calendar year) require a CSA-approved helmet, lacrosse stick, shoulder pads, mouthguard, jock (or jill) and gloves. Although it is non–contact, we recommend kidney pads and slash guards for incidental contact and to have the players get used to full equipment.

Paperweight aged players (turning 5 or 6 this calendar year) require a CSA-approved helmet, lacrosse stick, shoulder pads, kidney guards, slash (or arm) guards, a mouthguard, jock (or jill) and gloves. Please note: There is contact for the paperweight age group.



Can I make a request to play on a certain team with my friends?

House league players can make a request to play with a friend, however our policy is to strive for fair and balanced teams first.  There are no guarantees that the request will be permitted. (Exception: Siblings in the same division will be placed on the same team.)

Competitive players must play for the level they are selected.  If a player declines a position on the competitive team they are selected for, they will be referred to the house league program (i.e. players can not decline a position on the #1 team in order to play for the #2 team). 



Can I request to play with a specific coach?

House league players can make a request to play with a specific coach, however our policy is to strive for fair and balanced teams first.  There are no guarantees that the request will be permitted. 



Refund/Cancellation Policy?

Requests to withdraw/refund registration will be subject to a $35 administration fee and must be received by the board in writing prior to April 30th, following which all fees are non-refundable, except in exceptional circumstances, as determined by the Board. All Board decisions in these matters are final. Refund requests must be made using the Refund Request Form.

NSF cheques or cancellations will be charged a minimum $50 administration fee, except in exceptional circumstances, as determined by the Board. All Board decisions in these matters are final.



Do you offer a field lacrosse program?

The GLA doesn’t currently operate a field lacrosse program. Under the current OMFLL format, Gloucester teams would need to travel to the GTA for 5 or 6 weekends in a row in the spring in order to participate in the league and it’s difficult to find families willing to make that level of commitment.  We are currently discussing options for future involvement with the OMFLL beyond the 2016 season.  

There are three other options for field lacrosse in Ottawa:

  1. Nemesis field lacrosse – Runs a fall field lacrosse program (Sept-Nov) sanctioned by the OLA (both house league and U16 & U 19 competitive teams)
  2. Ottawa Capitals – Runs a private club. The club is co-owned and operated by Callum Crawford (NLL NE Black Wolves) and competes in various US tournaments: 
  3. High School Field lacrosse – The sport is growing in Ottawa high schools and we expect it to continue expanding along with the popularity of the sport.



Who can be a coach?

Anyone can be a coach. The GLA is always looking for new coaches to be able to continue offering programs in this expanding sport.



Why should I coach?

Every player deserves to have a coach from whom they can learn and develop. Without enough coaches, the GLA could not provide the opportunity for the players to learn and develop in the game of lacrosse. Most parents have already committed most of the time for their child to play, why not get involved. Coaching and seeing players develop and improve can be one of the most gratifying experiences you will ever have.



Do I need any previous coaching experience?

House league does not require any previous coaching experience. Previous experience is an asset with older ages groups (Peewee and older). Due to the nature of competitive play, competitive head coaches usually have experience coaching, while assistant coaches may or may not.  Competitive coaches are required to take NCCP coaching courses.  House league coaches will receive in-house coach training.



In order to coach, do I have to have lacrosse experience?

House league does not require experience. It is an asset with older ages groups (Peewee and older). Experience coaching other sports is also valuable as many of the skills are the same or complimentary, especially hockey, basketball, and soccer. Due to the nature of competitive play, competitive head coaches usually have some lacrosse background, while assistant coaches may or may not.



What is the time commitment for a house league coach?

The commitment is about three hours a week for a house league team, usually two hours of floor time (practice or games) and about another hour of prep time (practice plans, emails, equipment etc). The house league is run over a ten week season.



What is the time commitment for competitive coach?

The commitment for competitive coaches is consists of two practice sessions per week (1—2 hours each), exhibition games, and three to six weekend tournaments. Travel outside the region to some tournaments or zone games are required. The competitive season runs from late April to the beginning of August.



What if I can’t commit to, or I am not ready to be a head coach?

Be an assistant coach, help on the bench, or helping run drills during practice is a great way to contribute to the team and is also a great way for new coaches to gain experience. Many coaches have started out this way. There are also many other volunteer positions to be filled such as team managers, conveners, or timekeepers.



What is required to be a house league coach?

Only a positive attitude and a commitment to provide a fun, safe learning experience. A Police record check form here: All coaches are required to follow the GLA Coach's Code of Conduct.



What is required to be a competitive coach?

Anyone can assist during practices, but all bench staff must obtain, or be in process of obtaining, certification through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). This is a requirement of the sport's governing bodies, the Ontario and Canadian Lacrosse Associations. All coaches are required to follow the GLA Coaches Code of Conduct. Competitive team head coaches may be required to apply for the head coach position.



How do I become an NCCP certified coach?

Coaches must take a 1 day course and complete/submit a workbook for evaluation.  For more details see the CLA certification summary.



I’m ready. How do I sign up?

There will be a sign up sheet at player registration for house league coaches and other volunteer positions. Coaches interested in House league coaching positions can also contact the Director of House League.

Competitive coaching positions are advertised in November and application due in late-December.  Competitive coaching applicants should complete the Coaching application form and submit it to the Director of Competitive.



What coaching resources are available?

The GLA is in progress of creating an informal coaching program to help new and experienced coaches, including lacrosse resources and a coaching clinic to be held before the season starts. Other coaching resources (handbooks, videos, internet resources) will be made available.



NCCP Certification

What is NCCP?

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a coaching model and certification program which has been developed by the Coaching Association of Canada. The program was designed to meet the needs of a wide range of coaches — from those who introduce youngsters to sport to those who work with Canada's high performance athletes. The NCCP prepares coaches to

  • better meet the needs of all participants in sport
  • provide a positive sport experience to participants
  • provide opportunities for athletes to achieve their full potential in and through sport
  • provides a means to ensure that coaches are certified to known level of competency

This program has been adopted by over 60 sporting associations in Canada, including the Canadian Lacrosse Association and its provincial member associations.



Why do I need to get NCCP certified?

It is a required by the lacrosse’s governing body, the Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA), that the coaching staff on the bench of any OLA sanctioned game must have or be in progress of obtaining NCCP certification, as well as being registered (carded) with the OLA.



How do I get NCCP certified?

The levle 1& 2 courses are offered by the OLA, usally once a year for each of the OLA zones. It normally takes place in our zone (Zone 5) in April.  Details for the 2016 coaching course will be made available shortly.  There is a classroom part and a floor part. You will be required to bring a stick and be prepared to participate. The cost is will be covered by the GLA however coaches must submit thier written workbook in order to complete the course. Coaches who do not submit their workbook on time (and thus do not complete the course) will be required to take the course again at their own expense.

The CAC maintains a record of your training, which is accessible through their website