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GLA Executive

GLA Board and Management Committee

At the close of of each year an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held to elect the club's Board of Directors. Directors are elected for alternating two year terms. The Board plus the specialized volunteer positions make up the Management Committee of the GLA and are responsible for all club operations for the year.

President (interim) (2021-2022) Stephanie Pagan
Treasurer (2020-21) Julie Beetham
Executive Secretary (2021-2022) Sarah Landry
Registrar (2020-21) Jennifer Warren
Operations Director (2021) Crystal Doyle
Competitive Program Director D'Arcy Belyea
House League Program Director Nic Aitken
Girls Program Director (2020-21) Colette Caines
Sponsorship Director (2020-21) Vacant

GLA Specialized Ad-hoc Positions

Note:  Members interested in a vacant position are asked to contact GLA President, Stephanie Pagan (

Past President Greg Rampley
Referee-in-Chief Dominique Hartley
Tournament Coordinator Tasha Adams
Webmaster Craig Adams
Social Media Coordinator Grace Mayhew
Scheduler Vacant
co-Equipment Manager Scott Morrison
co-Equipment Manager Nick Potenza
Jersey Manager Vacant
Life Time Member Dave Smith
Assistant Registrar (Coaches) Vacant
Player Development Coordinator Vacant
Volunteer Coordinator Vacant
Purchasing & Apparel Coordinator Vacant