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Invitation to join the GLA Anti-Racism & Anti-Bullying Committee (AAC)

By Stephanie Pagan, Sponsorhip Director, 11/18/20, 1:15PM EST


Join the GLA Anti-Racism & Anti-Bullying Committee (AAC)

GLA Announcement:

Invitation to join the GLA Anti-Racism & Anti-Bullying Committee (AAC)

November 15-23 is Bullying Awareness Week in Canada.  It is an opportunity to reflect on the health and social impacts that bullying causes as well as the strategies and policies we have in place to prevent it.  Bullying can occur wherever children come together to live, learn, or play.  Additionally, the world has had an awakening bringing racism to the forefront of public consciousness, calling on institutions and individuals to recognize and eradicate systemic racism.  We know that bullying and racism happen in sport and it is with this knowledge that the GLA renews its commitment to anti-racism, equity, and inclusion policies and procedures.

We are looking for 10 individuals to sit on the GLA Anti-Racism & Anti-Bullying Committee (AAC). This committee will be chaired by a member of the GLA Board of Directors and will meet on a bi-monthly basis throughout the year.  This group will be tasked with providing to the Board of Directors the following actionable items:

1.    Suggesting revisions to the current GLA Code of Conduct.

2.    Creating a repository of key anti-racist and anti-bullying resources to be shared with members.

3.    Create a monitoring/reporting system for racism/bullying experiences within the GLA

4.    Design a presentation to inform members of: (1) the GLA Code of Conduct; and (2) the GLA’s continued commitment to eliminating racism and bullying within the association.

5.    Develop strategies to challenge racism and bullying and promote equity and inclusion within the GLA.

6.    Provide an opportunity for members to share their lived experiences

7.    Suggest a process for those who commit acts of racism and/or bullying. 

If you are interested in making a difference and would like to take part in this valuable experience, please contact Stephanie Pagan, Sponsorship Director, GLA at  The first meeting will be held in January 2021.