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Code of Conduct

By Gloucester Lacrosse Association, 12/18/19, 10:45AM EST


Good day,

I am sending this message as a reminder to all Gloucester Lacrosse Association (GLA) players and families of our commitments and responsibilities while attending OLA games.

As you are aware, the GLA has a Code of Conduct that all players and families have committed to follow while attending games. In addition, our members adhere to the OLA Code of Conduct policy. This means that all members and participants, including players, guardians, parents, coaches, officials, volunteers, directors, officers, committee members, conveners, team managers, trainers, administrators and employees involved in OLA activities and events are expected to adhere to this policy from when they arrive to watch the game until they leave the property.

Over the last several weeks I have received numerous complaints regarding the behavior of GLA members at arenas. This reported behavior has included yelling at officials; arguing with opposing team’s parents; yelling at coaches; and disrespecting one another.

None of this is considered acceptable conduct and can not continue to occur. 

If members of the GLA can not attend games and act in a respectful manner, Code of Conduct infractions well be issued. These escalate in severity from verbal warnings to banning members from games.

As an association, we are having a great season on the floor and our players are achieving tremendous team and personal success. Let’s contribute to that success in a positive manner and be an association that is known for its respectful nature in the stands and quality of play on the floor.


Ian Woolridge

President – Gloucester Lacrosse Association