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Spring 2020

Competitive Development and Junior Try-out Camps Spring 2020

By Gloucester Lacrosse Association, 12/18/19, 10:30AM EST


Camp starts in 3 weeks! Don't get left out!

JR B Griffins Spring Competitive Development Camp starts in three weeks!

Reminder Pre-registration is required by either e-mail or hard copy for both drop-in and full time participants.

Thanks to everyone who has already signed up!

Don't get left out.....

Competitive Development and Junior Try-out Camps Spring 2020

Returning for the Spring in 2020, the Gloucester Griffins JR B Lacrosse Club, under the auspices of the Gloucester Lacrosse Association (GLA), will again offer an 'advanced competitive skills development program’ for experienced peewee and bantam lacrosse players who want to continue to improve their game at the next level! The Griffins will also offer a 'Junior Griffins development & spring training camp' for midget and junior age players that will have the opportunity to play with the Griffins JR B Club as full-time junior players or affiliated player call-ups in 2020. The Griffins' coaching staff will be monitoring player skill sets with a view to the make-up of the Griffins JR B team in 2020, so the expectation is, if you plan to play for the Griffins in 2020 and are currently 'in town', you need to be there! These camps are being offered in a 'true' box lacrosse venue (indoor box/rink) which will aid in teaching box lacrosse skills!

The camps are designed with the competitive player in mind, but open to all who want to develop their skills and give them an edge on the floor to play at the highest caliber possible. All players at both levels will be taught the same Offensive concepts, Defensive systems and Transition tactics that the Gloucester Griffins JR B team will be running in 2020. Additional individual skill training will be emphasized at the younger age group to allow those players to assimilate the team skills necessary to execute the systems played at the highest levels. Instruction will be overseen by our large cast of current and ex Gloucester Griffins staff and players with skill sets ranging from JR B, all the way to the NLL! Take your game to the next level. Registration will be opening soon. However, if you want to join now, please advise us by return e-mail and we will ensure you get all further information.

Experienced Coaching

The program will be instructed by the Griffins JR B coaching staff and executive members consisting of Head Coach, Brett Perras (JR B, JR A, SR B, NLL), Assistant Coach Derek Bailey (JR C, JR B, SR B), Assistant Coach Chris Ingraham (JR B, JR A, SR B), Assistant coach Mike Maunders (JR B, SR B), Assistant Coach D'Arcy Belyea (JR B, SR B), Assistant Coach Tyler Collins (JR B, SR B), former Assistant Coach Francis Dostie (NLL, MSL, JR A, JR B), executive member Robbie Woods (JR B, JR A, SR B) and guest instructors, James Leitch (JR B) and Francis Dostie (JR B, JR A, SR A, NLL.

  • Offensive concepts taught include: Introduction to the basic 2 man game – picks/rolls, cutting, general offensive systems, how to run a weak side/strong side offence on the ball/off the ball;
  • Defensive systems & concepts taught include: Proper defensive positioning, defending pick and rolls, defending on ball vs off ball;
  • Transition tactics include- how to attack/defend transition (2 v 1, 3 v 2, 4 v 3).
  • Specialized goalie instruction will also be available from NLL. SR A, JR A and JR B instructors!

Program Details

  • Who: Two age groups

o PW/Bantam (birth year 2006-2009)

o Midget/Intermediate/Junior (birth year 1999-2005)

  • When: Eight sessions, 90 minutes each, between February 9 – March 29, 2018 (*see schedule below)
  • Where:Jean-Marc Lalonde Arena, 1450 Du Parc Avenue, Rockland, Ontario
  • Cost: $100.00 for all 8 sessions or drop-in for $20 per session (plus $20 for a reversible pinnie if you don't have a Griffins' one. Note: drop-in participants must purchase a pinnie for $20 or already have one at their first session)

Preregistration is required for all new campers, using the attached form, so that we will have the necessary personal information and can ensure the proper number of instructors and pinnies by age group. IF your player was in our camp last year, you may confirm that all registration information remains the same (including e-mail and emergency telephone number) by return e-mail.

PW/Bantam Program Overview

The PW/Bantam (11-14 years) will be tailored to teaching and improving individual and team skills that will allow the players to play competitive lacrosse for the GLA at an 'enhanced' level in 2020; including basic individual skill development such as passing/catching at an elevated pace while under pressure, focusing on skill development and floor awareness (positioning) during all drills at a high intensity pace. Individual coaching, will be available as required, to focus on improving weaker skills specifically.

Midget/Intermediate/Junior Program Overview

The Midget-Junior (15-21 years) will be tailored to teaching individual and team skills, including the introduction and development of communication techniques within offensive and defensive strategy that they will require to play JR B lacrosse in 2020 or within the next few years (bearing in mind that midget players may affiliate up to the JR B team); and will include the integration of the JR B Griffins’ defensive systems and offensive concepts, how to structure a five man offence and defensive concepts including playing a defensive wall system and how to attack/defend transition (2 v 1, 3 v 2, 4 v 3).

Camp Schedule 2020

  • Sunday Feb. 9  2-3:30 PM; PW/Bantams; 3:30-5 PM Juniors/Intermediates/Midgets;
  • Wednesday Feb. 19  7-8:30 PM; PW/Bantams; 8:30-10 PM Juniors/Intermediates/Midgets:
  • Sunday Feb. 23  2-3:30 PM; PW/Bantams; 3:30-5 PM Juniors/Intermediates/Midgets;
  • Sunday Mar. 1  2-3:30 PM; PW/Bantams; 3:30-5 PM Juniors/Intermediates/Midgets;
  • Sunday Mar.8  2-3:30 PM; PW/Bantams; 3:30-5 PM Juniors/Intermediates/Midgets;
  • Sunday Mar. 15  2-3:30 PM; PW/Bantams; 3:30-5 PM Juniors/Intermediates/Midgets;
  • Friday Mar. 20  7-8:30 PM; PW/Bantams; 8:30-10 PM Juniors/Intermediates/Midgets;
  • Sunday Mar. 29  2-3:30 PM; PW/Bantams; 3:30-5 PM Juniors/Intermediates/Midgets