Start With Hillary!

Find out how the GLA community can help!

Updated Sunday July 28, 2019 by Gloucester Minor Lacrosse Association.

Hillary McKibbin (6 years old) NEEDS OUR HELP!  She is a little girl who lives in Ottawa and she has a very rare condition that requires a bone-marrow transplant.  We need 17-35 year old MALES to help us.  Helping is easy: 
  1. Go to to register online. 
  2. Canadian Blood Services will mail you a kit through the mail.
  3. Follow the kit instructions: swab the inside of your cheek
  4. Mail your kit back
Lacrosse is so much more than a sport, it is community and it is family.  GLA players and their families can make a difference.  Let's show Hillary and her family how deep our commitment and determination runs and how supportive our LAX community can be!